Probably The Fastest Payment Integration In The World

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As the famous Carlsberg announces with their headline: “Probably The Best Beer In The World”, I have now found the same slogan for any website out there who wants to start selling products and accept payments from their clients.

This is…

Probably The Fastest Payment Integration In The World

Let’s elaborate a bit…

Probably… This is probably, because I haven’t conducted any thorough research or hired a bunch of analysts to check out the magnitude of payment services available globally. However, based on my experience the evaluation we have done at PayApi, this is, clearly, the fastest and easiest payment integration. It really cannot get any easier or faster, and it fits to any website or content management system (CMS) or webshop platform because of the easy syntax it has.

The Fastest… As slightly linked to the previous point, it’s fast.. It’s darn fast and you can add it to any HTML based website. The only thing you need to do is to add couple of details of your product to sell and your PayApi subscription API public ID as a HTML meta data in your web page. And that’s it. See the syntax and meta-tags in the API documentation.

Payment Integration… Payments, purchases, transactions, credit card charges, crypto-currency, PayPal.. These are keywords explaining what it is. It’s an extensive payment service which integrates different payment gateways/methods into one, easy to use, single integration.

In The World… The single integration works anywhere in the world, anywhere and any time. It’s a PaaS service and you can define how the payments are handled and what payment methods you want to use. The offering covers and includes payments which support clients and consumers globally.

This is (still)…

Probably The Fastest (and Easiest) Payment Integration (for Any Website or Webshop) In The World

Please note that this blog entry is PayApi oriented and clearly a promotion for one of the services PayApi offers. I am the CEO and Co-Founder of the company and more than happy to discuss you with any details you may have.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions. 🙂

UPDATE 2016-08-26: I got challenged on how fast this integration is actually, so I demonstrated this by adding these meta-tags into this blog post when timer was running.. It took me exactly 5:04 minutes to integrate a payment into this blog post from the scratch without any programming. This is not bad for adding a payment support to any web page with few simple meta tags.. Right? 🙂

Steps in my demonstration were:
1) open and navigate to WebShop Easy Payments API reference,
2) copy the meta-tags and embed them into the web page,
3) whitelist the webpage domain in PayApi backoffice for the used subscription publicId, and finally
4) add the buy button to open the webshop API with http encoded URL (see below). For encoding I used this tool.

Fast Buy Button

5) As an extra step, by using a QR code generator tool, I created also a QR code to easily link purchasing to a QR code reader on your mobile app. You can try it out below.


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DISCLAIMER: “Probably” is the advertising slogan and known brand, trademark, of Carslberg. The image of the blog entry is based on Carlsberg’s ‘Probably’ advertisement during UEFA EURO 2016.