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Matti Vilola – Senior Business and Technology Entrepreneur, Consultant, and Proud Father.

Welcome to my blog! A website about business, sales, technology, product development, cloud services, mobile applications and some nonsense.

The website has been created for business and fun – the views and opinions expressed are my own and may not reflect the views of the companies I work for or act on behalf of.


Stuff I’ve done 

I have more than 15 years of experience in working in various engineering and management positions in large and small companies in high-tech, online, mobile and security industries.

My experience includes business and product program management, product design and development responsibilities, mobile app development and publishing, online security projects and various R&D projects;  I’ve managed teams in size from 3 to 250 engineers and worked in worldwide mobile phone and software application projects.

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Available to help

Are You looking for consultation regarding your new IT infrastructure or Your next big acquisition or product development project? Or looking for a speaker for Your next business or technology event?

Please connect with me for any consultation. I am also open for serious business and knowledge sharing, networking, partnerships and investment opportunities. You may connect with me via LinkedIn or Twitter or using the contact form.

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