Enterprise Mobility – Mobile Cloud – Webcast on December 8th 2015

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Another webcast regarding Enterprise Mobility will be broadcasted on December 8th 2015.

Please do not hesitate to join if you are interested. The webcast will be provided for free and will focus on enterprise mobility aspects and include an overview of Oracle’s mobility offering: Mobile Cloud Service (MCS).

Registration is required. Please register here.

Webcast details

Build Your Mobile Strategy—Not Just Your Mobile Apps.

Overview of Oracle Mobile Cloud Service:

  • A platform that understands the challenges of moving enterprise data to mobile in a secure, scalable, elegant fashion, one that makes it easy to do things right.
  • A set of APIs and declarative tools that can help you move away from the tactical, and unite all lines of business along a well-defined strategy, to get enterprise data out of the back end and into a set of robust and appealing B2C or B2E mobile applications— while at the same time addressing each team member’s top-of-mind concerns.
  • A platform that enables development models driven by mobile app developers (“outside in”) and by service developers (“inside out”) simultaneously.

Join us to learn what’s new in the mobile area from Oracle; understand Oracle’s Mobile Backend as a Service and examples of how to use it.

I am your speaker as a Senior Sales Consultant for Oracle.

The presentation will be provided in English. Welcome! 🙂