Easy Tools To Analyze Your Social Profile Value

Matti Social

Today, social selling is among other selling and co-operation channels and increasingly important media to connect, communicate and network with your customers, partners and peers.

I recently spent some more time analyze my social profiles, mainly LinkedIn and Twitter but also checking the Facebook, Instagram and Google+ profiles.

Here is my social selling scores as of today based on different tools.

LinkedIn Social Selling Index (SSI, business.linkedin.com/sales-solutions/social-selling/the-social-selling-index)

LinkedIn measures your social selling efforts, and of course, by using your LinkedIn profile, network and activities done in this business-oriented networking platform. The score is determined based on 4 main aspects and is a value between 0-100:

  1. Establish your professional brand: how well is your profile done, how customer centric it is? Publish meaningful posts in LinkedIn platform
  2. Find the right people: use LinkedIn and better, use their Premium service called Sales Navigator to identify better contacts, prospects using LinkedIn data and search tools
  3. Engage with insights: discover and share news, updates to identify and find new connections and grow your network
  4. Build relationships: improve your network by connecting and establishing trust with decision makers; the quality of your network and connections

As a reference, I am posting my LinkedIn SSI score, social selling index:

Social Selling Index MattiVilola_20151106_overview

Twitter Analytics (analytics.twitter.com)

Twitter Analytics provides you insight on how you are doing with your Twitter accounts. It provides details on your tweets’ engagement, clicks, retweets, favorites, replies, and more.

In one page dashboard you can see a chart of the last 28 days­, the number of impressions your tweets have received, and contextual information such as whether your impressions were higher or lower than the previous 28-day period. Impressions refer to the number of times a user sees your tweet.

In addition, you can see a stream of tweets with metrics on each month and your best performing and best engaged tweets. This provides you good summary how your social media publishing and sharing on Twitter performs over time and how your improvement activities change the results.

My Twitter analytics results attached:

Twitter Analytics account overview for mvilola_20151106_overview

In average I seem to have some 10k impressions per month with monthly 50-200 new followers. This is with my current effort and activities with Twitter and works well in my case.


Klout Score (klout.com/corp/score)

The Klout Score is a performance indicator regarding your social media influence. It is a value between 0-100, the more influential you are, the higher your number and Klout Score.

Klout defines influence as follows: “Influence is the ability to drive action. When you share something on social media or in real life and people respond, that’s influence.”

Klout MattiVilola_20151109_overview

I am using Kloud to monitor my social networking progress over-time.

There are more similar tools available in the internet, such as SocialHunt, SocialCount, SumAll and others.

Go and check your score now! 🙂